R&D is an important means for achieving future growth for Bioperfectus.  Since its establishment, Bioperfectus has maintained high percentage of investment in R&D.  

Strong R&D Capabilities

       R&D investment ratio: 20%

R & D personnel≥19%

Pioneering in Molecular Diagnostic, Bioperfectus has clinically approved and internationally recognized core technology platforms including multiple quantitative PCR, nucleic acid extraction solutions and rapid test.


Bioperfectus possess ISO13485 international quality standards for production; well sterilized and high safety PCR laboratories to research and develop products.


Over 500 products, 32 patents, 14 software copyrights and more than 60 NMPA registration certificates, our products have received the good recommendation and recognition from home and abroad.

Masters & Ph.D Employees Ratio: ≥13%

a leading molecular diagnostic solution provider