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Hu Chunchun | Hardware Engineer

From apprentice to a professional engineer, Bioperfectus offers me the chance to pursue my personal growth.
What impressed me most: There is a tradition in our team is that we throw the birthday party for each team member and the person who we celebrate the birthday for will pick up one thing he/she likes to share with other team members, sometimes, it could be a piece of music, a delicate hand-made toy… it is a special moment for all of us. At Bioperfectus, we are not only growing ourselves, but also growing a big loving family.

Yang Jing | Head of Life Science Department

In 10 years, for each epidemic we are fighting for, we are keeping on excelling ourselves and making our humble contribution in the human fight against the infectious disease.
What impressed me most: At the early outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, after acquiring the genetic sequency of SARS-CoV-2, we have successfully developed the Novel Corona Virus (SARS-CoV-2) Real Time PCR Kit in 3 days without sleep. It was a moment that we believed we could save more people’s lives though not being able to spending with my own families in spring festival. When I look back at that time, I always thank myself for making that sacrifice for letting more families reunite.

Shao Xinglian | Head of Quality Control Team

The strict control on the quality of the testing kits is not only my job, but also my social responsibility.
What impressed me most: The manufacturing requires the closely quality check, especially when it comes to the health of human. At Bioperfectus, we strongly believe that the more we care about the “life” of each product, the more lives of each person will be saved.

Gu Lina | Administrative Manager

From a small table tennis team to a public-listed enterprise, I still stick to my initial dream.
What impressed me most: I joined Bioperfectus in 2010, at the start-up period, we were only few people, I clearly remembered when we had a meeting on a small table tennis, Mr. Wang told us that we would be a public-listed company in the next 10 years, I thought he was making a joke… However, 10 years later, we are officially public-listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange, it was a dream came true. As an administrative manager, I always regard my job is to serve every employee the best service and make sure they feel comfortable at their position.
What impressed me most is the value we still stick to: Quality, Efficiency, Fairness & Justice.

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Job Opportunities
Key Account Sales Manager
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Product Manager
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Technical Support Engineer
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Key Account Sales Manager
Key responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

1. Prospecting for new customers and business in addition to growing and maintaining the existing customer portfolio.
2. Generating proposals, preparing sales quotations, planning customer meetings, and demonstrating equipment capabilities.
3. Develop and maintain a high level of product knowledge of Bioperfectus and competitive products.
4. Achieve annual and quarterly multiple order and revenue targets, achieve account penetration and complete territory coverage.
5. Maintaining satisfactory after-sale relationships and development of long-term customer relationships.
6. Providing leadership in market analysis and development/execution of strategies and action plans to drive sales.


1. Bachelor's Degree.
2. 3+ years relevant healthcare industry experience.
3. Proficiency in computer skills in Microsoft Office Suite products.
4. Excellent written, oral and communication skills in English or other languages (Russian/French/Spanish/Portuguese, etc.)
5. Robust interpersonal skills, with demonstrated ability to work independently as well as with a team.
6. Demonstrated ability to analyze customer data and develop financially sound sales solutions.
Product Manager
Key responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

1. Responsible for product research, writing product research reports, and providing suggestions for the development of new products;
2. Responsible for the research, positioning and product strategy of newly listed, soon-to-be-listed and
re-listed products of the company and the implementation of the product launching ceremony;
3. Set up the national expert network system through the project, and pay attention to the update of guidelines and consensus to achieve market accuracy
4. Prepare sales tools, updated product information, updated color pages and brand symbols, and implemented product-related wechat Public account promotion plan;
5. Make annual training plans, and train the sales team, dealers and sales staff on product knowledge;
6. Plan and organize marketing and academic promotion activities at national and regional levels.


1. Bachelor degree or above in laboratory, biology or related field, with market position related to in vitro diagnosis industry at least 2 years’ experience;
2. Familiar with the status quo of enterprises in the industry, and have channels and resources to understand industry information, especially
immunodiagnostic chemistry & optical products and testing items;
3. Proficient in foreign literature reading and content refining;
4. Strong product management and academic activity planning ability;
5. Good written and oral presentation skills, proficient in using office software.
Technical Support Engineer
Key responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

1.Plan pre-sales &after-sales product training in responsible region; maintain customer satisfaction;
2.Provide technical support to customers of responsible region, including but not limit to online and onsite support;
3.Maintain equipment install base and customer relationship to promote them with service-related products;
4.Profession in system operation and service, capability of creating service database;
5.Provide onsite support and customer visit in a regular basis, provide onsite technical support, and collect customer feedback;
6.Support layout, customer reception and technical support during oversea trade show;


1.Bachelor degree or above is required; Major of Biomedical Engineering/ Laboratory/ Mechanical Automation/ Computer Science is preferred.
2.Excellence in written and oral English is a must;
3.At least one year of equipment service experience in healthcare industry. IVD industry is preferred.
4.Strong teamwork spirit and customer service sense;
5.Willing to take oversea travel, oversea education or working experience is preferred.