Precision Meets Flexibility:

A Solution for Your Needs

BioPerfectus Total PCR Solution: Platforms Seamlessly
Blending Precision and Modularity - One of the Best Crew in Your Laboratory

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Combination of Precision and Flexibility

Space Saving 0.35 m3 + 0.05m3


Positive airflow design

High standard HEPA filter

Reasonable division

Anti-droplet control

Pre-set projects

Insert hundreds of PCR set up projects from BioPerfectus

Multi-projects running a time

Up to eight master mix preparation together

Precise pipetting

Down to 3ul pipetting

Reliable temperature control

Temperature accuracy
& uniformity ±0.1 ℃

Reliable detection performance

1 copy sensitivity

100 - 1010 copies/well detectable

Flexible detection operation

Dual 48+48 reaction blocks Independent projects

High efficiency

Heating/Cooling rate of 4.0℃/Sec

Platform For RT-PCR (288 Samples / 8 Hours)
3-in-1 Function Of STC Software Set You Free

Benefits to Users


Multi-tasking; as intuitive and efficient as your own hands.

Space-efficient design; compact yet powerful.

Exceptional endurance; reliable performance that doesn't quit.


Comparable to the expertise of a PhD scientist.

Virtually eliminates errors.

Focused on delivering accurate results.

Imagine having a meticulous lab assistant.
Here's how it can assist you

Reduced Likelihood of Misjudgment: Our solution's precision minimizes errors, ensuring reliable
results you can depend on, thereby reducing the need for repetitive testing.

Custom Design: Easily tailor your test conditions to meet the specific requirements of your project.

Adaptability: Versatile in handling various sample types and experimental designs.

Boosted Efficiency:Advanced Multi-tasking Capabilities.