BioPerfectus Delivers Reliable and Efficient Total PCR Solution in Portugal


BioPerfectus has been unwavering in its commitment to expanding its presence in the European market by delivering comprehensive diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases. Today, we are delighted to showcase our work with Avelab, the leading private chain laboratory in Portugal, as we provide them with our products and solutions. This development marks the start of our thrilling journey in Portugal.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, European nations, including Portugal, were in dire need of dependable diagnostic solutions to tackle the urgent health crisis. BioPerfectus' dedicated team rapidly provided Total PCR solutions, covering the extraction, amplification, and analysis processes, along with exceptional technical support for local healthcare professionals in Portugal. As a result, we solidified a deeper and more trusting relationship with Avelab.

In addition to public infectious disease prevention and control, we offer Avelab a comprehensive range of women's health diagnostic solutions. Avelab consistently commends our instruments and reagents, particularly the STC-96A PLUS Real-Time PCR System. The STC-96A PLUS system possesses the unique advantage of allowing professionals to perform two distinct PCR assays simultaneously on a single instrument, using separate controlled programs. This innovative feature optimizes the diagnostic process, saving time and resources for laboratories, and ultimately elevating the quality and efficiency of patient care.

Moreover, the BioPerfectus Human Papillomavirus Genotyping Real-Time PCR Kit has received positive feedback from professionals, highlighting the excellent performance and results in our advanced solutions provide to our clients.

By integrating our instruments and testing kits into their diagnostic processes, Avelab and other clients can significantly enhance their diagnostic capabilities, ultimately contributing to the betterment of the health and well-being of the patients they serve.