Bioperfectus Launching Measles and Rubella Viruses Real-Time PCR Kit

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Bioperfectus is pleased to launch Measles and Rubella Viruses Real-Time PCR Kit for the fight against the measles and rubella viral infection that occurs most often in children and young adults. As the “gold standard” in diagnostic testing, PCR tests for the presence of the actual virus’s genetic material or its fragments as it breaks down.


Measles virusis a single negative-strand RNA virus and belongs to a member of Paramyxoviridae. Measles is caused by the measles virus, which is one of the most infectious diseases in human. Clinical measles infection can cause fever, rash and cough. It mainly affects children and young people. Measles can also cause lifelong disability, including brain damage in blindness and deafness.


Rubella virusis a single positive strand RNA, which is the only member of the Rubella virus genus. Rubella is caused by the rubella virus, which is a relatively minor infectious disease than measles. Clinical manifestations of fever and rash, prodromal symptoms are usually manifested as low fever, headache, physical discomfort, loss of appetite, cervical lymph node disease.


Measles and rubella arerespiratory tractrespectively caused by the measles virus and rubella virus, and it is infectious diseases characterized by acute fever rash. The prevalence of measles and rubella is similar, with a global distribution and obvious seasonal distribution characteristics, which often causes outbreaks and seriously endangers the health of children and teenagers. After the widespread use of measles attenuated virus vaccines,there are not only measles with typical symptoms in the world, but also measles with atypical symptomswhich is easily confused with rubella. Laboratory testing methods include virus isolation, serological testing, and nucleic acid detection.

Bioperfectus Measles and Rubella Viruses Real-Time PCR Kit is designed to detect measles virus and rubella virus specific RNA with high clinical sensitivity and specificity, for more information about our product, send us an email


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