Bioperfectus Molecular Class | What is nucleic acid extraction?

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Bioperfectus Molecular Class will help you to understand what is nucleic acid extraction. Through this video, you will see why nucleic acid extraction matters in a PCR laboratory, how many steps that a nucleic acid process include and what is the requirement of an effective extraction solution.

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Bioperfectus Extraction Solutions, One-Stop to Satisfy Your Requirements

Nucleic acid extraction provides a foundation for many extensive research and applications (for example cloning, PCR analysis, and next-generation sequencing technology in the field of whole genome and transcriptome), and the obtained nucleic acid can be used in a variety of ways. Nucleic acid purification and quality assessment are important steps in experimental workflows, and the quality of nucleic acids can affect the performance in downstream reactions.


Client Story: G Company and Bioperfectus Success Story

Infectious diseases spread rapidly, and individuals with viruses can spread the infection to many other people in their community. Bioperfectus is still in a race against time and a guardian of humankind.


SAW-96, More Than a Nucleic Acid Extraction Workstation

Nowadays, emerging infectious diseases significantly threaten global public health and socioeconomic security and will change how people live. COVID-19 is a notable example. There might also have an outbreak of Monkeypox based on the current situation. When a disease outbreak occurs, PCR would be a suitable way to accurately identify the pathogen and detect it in the early stage.