Bioperfectus working together with ICGEB in the field of infectious disease product research

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We Bioperfectus are honored to work together with ICGEB (International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology) in the field of infectious disease products’ clinical research. As the world’s leading intergovernmental organization for research, training and technology transfer in the field of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, ICGEB combines scientific research with capacity enhancement, thereby promoting sustainable global development. In the common vision to provide an accurate, rapid and accessible diagnostic solution for all the human race in the world, Bioperfectus is one of the leading in vitro diagnostic manufacturers specialized in molecular diagnostic solution & rapid test in the global IVD market.


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Bioperfectus Extraction Solutions, One-Stop to Satisfy Your Requirements

Nucleic acid extraction provides a foundation for many extensive research and applications (for example cloning, PCR analysis, and next-generation sequencing technology in the field of whole genome and transcriptome), and the obtained nucleic acid can be used in a variety of ways. Nucleic acid purification and quality assessment are important steps in experimental workflows, and the quality of nucleic acids can affect the performance in downstream reactions.


Client Story: G Company and Bioperfectus Success Story

Infectious diseases spread rapidly, and individuals with viruses can spread the infection to many other people in their community. Bioperfectus is still in a race against time and a guardian of humankind.


SAW-96, More Than a Nucleic Acid Extraction Workstation

Nowadays, emerging infectious diseases significantly threaten global public health and socioeconomic security and will change how people live. COVID-19 is a notable example. There might also have an outbreak of Monkeypox based on the current situation. When a disease outbreak occurs, PCR would be a suitable way to accurately identify the pathogen and detect it in the early stage.