Empowering Laboratories with SMPE-960 and STC-96A


🧪A molecular laboratory might require two types of instruments to meet its diverse needs: a specialized device tailored for high-volume assays, such as quantified viral load and Chlamydia/Neisseria, and a more flexible and adaptable device, such as SMPE-960.

Let's take a closer look at how SMPE-960 fulfills your laboratory requirements. 🕵️‍SMPE-960 can extract nucleic acid from various types of specimens. Moreover, it might provide various sample modifications. 🧬

Additional Features:

Compact Design: Smaller and designed for a benchtop, requiring just 0.35 cubic meter.

Multi-tasking Capability: It can handle 8 different experiments in just 8 hours.

Convenience: It is combined with foil-sealed reagent cartridges that are packed and ready to use.

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