Engaging Talk With Prof. Élisée Ndam

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Engaging talk with Prof. Élisée Ndam, Director of the Department of Pathology at the National Laboratory in Gabon. Our conversation delved into his research field, experiences with BioPerfectus, and future aspirations for collaboration.


The connection between Prof. Élisée Ndam and BioPerfectus started through Africa CDC. He shared how BioPerfectus' diagnostic products played a pivotal role in the detection of the Marburg virus, contributing to public health prevention and emergency health management in Gabon. Additionally, Prof. Élisée Ndam has expressed a strong appreciation for our customer service and technical teams, recognizing their prompt responsiveness and the timely provision of technical support.


Warm thanks to Prof. Élisée Ndam for his insights and trust. BioPerfectus eagerly anticipates continued collaboration with the National Laboratory in Gabon, advancing medical science in the region.


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