Fast and Covenient, Bioperfectus Nucleic Acid Extraction System

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  • Why Extraction Important to PCR? 
  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) has been widely used as identification method of especially viruses due to its high specificity and sensitivity. However, the major limitation of PCR based diagnosis is inhibition of the reaction caused by a variety of components within clinical specimens and sometimes poor sample handling can lead to false negative results that caused calamitous consequences. The demand for PCR diagnosis in medical microbiology has highlighted the need for efficient methods of nucleic acid extraction.
  • What is bioPerfectus extraction solution?

BioPerfectus was one of the first batch of the manufacturers to develop automatic extraction system in China 5 years ago, we have achieved hundreds of installations overseas since June 2020. We provide a complete solution including the Nucleic Acid Extraction System of 3 different models (32 channels/64channels/96 channels) and extraction kits.The performance of products has been proven reliable and high cost-efficient by the following evaluation in a PCR laboratory.



Bioperfectus Nucleic Acid Extraction System VS Qiagen QIAamp Viral RNA Mini Kit


Researchers used 24 COVID-19 positive swab samples from CDC and the same RT-PCR test kit to research the performance between two nucleic acid extraction kit, bioperfectus nucleic acid extraction solution and Qiagen QIAamp Viral RNA Mini Kit.


Figure 1

Figure 2


Figure 1 and 2 shows the result of samples extracted by bioperfectus. FAM signal means ORF1ab and VIC signal means N gene.



Figure 3


Figure 4


Figure 3 and 4 shows the result of samples extracted by Qiagen. FAM signal means ORF1ab and VIC signal means N gene.


The RT-PCR results show that:

  1. In testing experiments, samples extracted by bioperfectus reach a lower CT value which indicates a higher concentration of nucleic acid.
  2. In repetitive experiments, samples extracted by bioperfectus gain a smaller CV value which means a better stabilized extraction result.
  3. What's more bioperfectus automatic nucleic acid extraction system with high efficiency will avoid the deviation caused by human factors.

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