Introducing Strip Package in a New Light

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Type of packaging matters. In the era of the post-COVID-19 pandemic, the cost-efficiency of nucleic acid extraction is one of the primary concerns of many PCR laboratories.


Today, Bioperfectus is proud to launch a strip package of Nucleic Acid Extraction Rapid Kit (Magnetic Bead Method), which sets to decrease manual operations and better achieve the transition to automation for small and medium size laboratories.



BioPerfectus is committed to providing laboratories with more efficient, accurate, and economical extraction solutions. Pioneering in molecular diagnostic, BioPerfectus is always devoted to pursuing high quality, innovating, and striving to solve health problems faced by humanity for a healthier future.


Value of a Catch-up HPV Test in Women Aged 65 and Above: A Danish Population-Based Nonrandomized Intervention Study

In July 2023, Mette Tranberg and others published a study titled "Value of a catch-up HPV test in women aged 65 and above: A Danish population-based nonrandomized intervention study" in the "PLOS Medicine" journal with an impact factor of 15.8.


What You Should Know About the Four Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are quite prevalent, and many individuals infected with STDs may not display any noticeable symptoms.


Dengue Will “Take Off” in Southern Europe, US, Africa This Decade, WHO Scientist Says

Dengue fever will become a major threat in the southern United States, southern Europe, and new parts of Africa this decade, the WHO's chief scientist said, as warmer temperatures create the conditions for the mosquitoes carrying the infection to spread.