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High efficiency of workload in PCR laboratory not only requires the high throughput of the PCR & nucleic acid extraction devices, but also a good customer support team.  Bioperfectus offers 24/7 customer service solutions by our authorized distributors and global service center.  With experienced service engineers, full service-parts inventory and fast global transportation network, Bioperfectus integrated customer service aims to provide you with the full reassurance.


Professional Bioperfectus Experts



With 10-year average medical device service working experience, Bioperfectus customer support engineers stand beside you to ensure devices running functionally through 24/7 support.


One-Stop Service Offering


Because Bioperfectus makes the hardware operating software ourselves, Bioperfectus products are truly integrated PCR laboratory solution provider. And only Bioperfectus is privileged to provide you with One-Stop product service and professional after sales support from our professional experts.

Bioperfetus technical support representatives & service engineers provide you with online and onsite support once we receive the inquires via phone, mail and video call etc…




Online Training Program provided by Bioperfectus customer service team

 Bioperfectus warehouse


To ensure the fast delivery of instrument parts, Bioperfectus also established the local service parts stock stations and express supply-chain centers in the global market.



Online Document System (Bioperfectus e-Support)


With the support of our Online Document System (Bioperfectus e-Support), you will have the chance to get access to the most up-to-date product and service information.



A Way to High-Performance Operation


To achieve the high-performance operation, instead of struggling to remedy the issues, we Bioperfectus would rather focus on optimizing the process and operation system.  We Bioperfectus are here to innovate the change by transmitting the technical support to co-learning platform.  Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently offering the customers with online installation and training plans.  By driving customer centricity, Bioperfectus Customer Support aims to increase our customer satisfaction, customer confidence and customer trust in our products and service.


Bioperfectus Emergency Response to the Unknown Hepatitis in Children

On 15 April 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) published an alert on severe acute hepatitis cases of unknown origin in children in the United Kingdom. Since then, there have been continuing additional reports of cases.


Compact and Powerful, SSNP-2000B Promotes Molecular Detection Ability

After SSNP-2000B got the IF award, its application in nucleic acid detection grew with stronger momentum. Conquering the judges with exclusive features, SSNP-2000B also obtained more and more recognition from clinical operators.


Stop Loss from A Small Bite

Vectors are living organisms that can transmit infectious pathogens between humans, or from animals to humans. When a vector becomes infectious, it can transmit the pathogen for the rest of its life during each subsequent bite/blood meal.