1Sample collection and transport 2Sample processing 3Nucleic acid extraction 4PCR setup 5PCR amplification 6Analysis and report
The Operations of PCR Setup
PCR setup is a tedious and labor-intensive process, but it is also a critical step before amplification. To get reliable results, need to calculate the correct volume and make sure no mistakes during PCR setup.

First, all the ingredients except the templates (nucleic acid from samples) are combined in a master mix. Then pipette the master mix into individual PCR tubes. These operations can be done in the first room (The Reagent Preparing Area) of the PCR laboratory. Once the purified nucleic acids are obtained in the second room, they can be added to separate tubes. Finally, mix the reaction liquid and the PCR setup operation is done.

Later, PCR tubes containing all reaction materials can be put into the cycler for amplification.
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